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Delar insikter från den snabbt växande finansiella teknikindustrin. Ta del av kunskap om nya trender, teknologier och kundkrav.

Alpcot väljer Trustly för att ge investerare bättre kontroll över sin ekonomi

Alpcot, en digital plattform för investerings- och kapitalförvaltning, har valt att inleda ett samarbete med Trustly för att förenkla insättningen av medel för sina investerare.

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PSD2: Paving the way for safer online payments

From gadgets to groceries, you can buy nearly everything you could want online these days. As a result, e-commerce in Europe is thriving, with orders increasing 9.4% over the past year, according to Postnord.


Online payments for retailers: From obstacle to opportunity

It’s a familiar story: Online retailers invest massive resources to lure shoppers to their site and streamline the shopper experience, only to have roughly 7 in 10 of them jump ship when they get to the checkout.


Bring your customers closer with an easier way to pay invoices

At Trustly, we’re always talking to our merchants to try to understand their biggest pain points. Time and time again, we hear that our e-commerce merchants are frustrated with their invoice solutions because they are either clunky, requiring customers to type in long OCR and receiving account numbers, or because they lose their customers after paying by invoice.


Trustly welcomes non-EU brokers through PSP partners

Trustly’s payment solution is ideal for European trading. Instant bank transfers let traders fund their accounts instantly and directly from their bank accounts without leaving a site. Trustly also provides instant withdrawals and supports online trading platforms in fulfilling parts of their regulatory KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Trustly is available for international brokers with a license outside Europe that onboard through one of our collecting Payment Service Provider partners.


Trustly grows to 300 employees

They say that if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. But at Trustly, we say: why choose when you can do both?

Rethink your refunds, perfect your payments

With Trustly, you can offer instant refunds to your customers. Our proprietary network of bank connections across Europe will ensure speedy payments. And with that, an excellent customer experience. You can initiate refunds via an API call without customer interaction. Trustly also helps to reduce the admin costs of refunds you'd incur through manual bank transfers and the associated reconciliation. To find out more about how it works download the report below.